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Hi, I’m James Castrission.

I’m the holder of two Guinness World Records, I’ve written two best-selling books on adventuring, and in 2016 I was named one of Australia’s 50 Greatest Explorers of All Time.

I also spent five years as a management consultant at Deloitte and have spoken and run workshops at over 500 corporate events. That means I know exactly what the average “team-building” day looks like.

I’m going to be straight with you. If you’re the type of leader, PCO or event planner who thinks you can build an aligned team by doing “trust falls” in the conference room and build staff morale by serving up expensive wine at dinner, a MyAdventure Group adventure program is not for you.

You should also know; these programs are not cheap. They’re not for the conformist. And they’re certainly not designed for the faint of heart. However, if you’re looking for Australia’s premier adventure-based team-building program – then a MyAdventure Group adventure program might be a good fit.

To help you decide, let me tell you a little bit more about one of the many experiences we can offer you.

A Fully Tailored Corporate Adventure Experience

Imagine this, you arrive in your choice of helicopter, limousine or luxurious bus to deliver you to our Base Camp – a lavish retreat nestled in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with an Indigenous fire-dance welcome, followed by a keynote that I’ve personally delivered to over 380,000 people in 18 countries.

This keynote is designed to inspire you for action. Because the next day will test you.

But it’s not just the Blue Mountains we can take your team to, we can fully tailor your corporate experience to anywhere is Australia.

Safely Pushed to Your Limits By My Team of World Class Adventurers

Rock-climbing, canyoning, abseiling and more. You’ll spend the day pushing both your individual and teams comfort zones with a range of exciting adventure-based activities.

If my experience has taught me anything, it’s this: if you want to build a strong team, there is no better way to do it than through a real and shared experience.

Your team will develop new levels of trust and cohesion. You will also learn to better realise your natural leadership style, allowing you to more easily inspire your employees upon your return to corporate life.

The whole day will be tailored to your level of skill and conditioning by my team of hand-picked adventure guides.

Check Out Some Of Our Mind-blowing Adventure Experiences:

A 5-Star Glamping Experience Catered by World Class Hospitality Experts

A MyAdventure Group experience is designed to push you out of your comfort zone by day – but that doesn’t mean you need to do it rough and camp like a bushman.

On the contrary, no expense is spared to ensure you’re “glamping” in pure luxury: spacious tents, hot towels, fine dining, luxury bathrooms. Plus each morning you’ll wake to a warm mug of chai in your top quality North Face sleeping bag.

On Day 1, you’ll experience our renowned 5-star “Sounds of Silence” dinner under stars and by the campfire. The accompanying wine tasting by famed local wine-maker Jon Darragh is optional.

On Day 2, the experience steps up a notch, with a celebrity chef – such as Julie Goodwin – treating you to a selection of mouth-watering dishes cooked deliciously over open flames.

You’ll finish the evening with an astronomer star-gazing session under the beautiful Australian night sky.

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How much could a MyAdventure Group Experience be worth to your company in the Next 12 Months?

According to a 2008 study in the Strategic Management Journal, a company’s senior management team can account for as much as 30% variance in company profitability. And sometimes much, much more.

Furthermore, research has shown that team cohesion – or lack thereof – is a big reason for this variance. But you probably already know this: with better unity comes increased communication and efficiency in decision making.

This means that the team bonds you build on a MyAdventure Group experience could be directly responsible for stronger bottom-line growth in your company.

A MyAdventure Group Experience is fully Customised to Meet your Specific Needs

Everything I’ve just described is just one way a MyAdventure Group program might play out. Yours might be quite different. When you get in contact, we will help you tailor the program, duration and budget based on your needs and desires.

In fact, if you want your MyAdventure Group experience to be a reward or incentive for senior management, you can skip the adventuring – and just make it a luxurious “glamping” experience to celebrate a recent milestone.

We offer half day to three day experiences, and all the hospitality extras are what you decide. But of course, it’s not just the camping and amenity options that are customisable.

Before you embark on your MyAdventure Group experience, we’ll undertake a detailed brief to understand the strengths and challenges facing your leadership team. Using this information, the program will be designed to address the key issues you face as a team, and as a company. Throughout the program, we can facilitate sessions to ensure strong takeaways and learnings that can drive behavioural change in your organisation.

If you’re ready to find out more information, and fulfil your teams potential with a MyAdventure Group experience, then get in touch.