Join us for a Kids/Parent weekend adventure retreat with record breaking Australian adventurer James Castrission.

James Castrission


Welcome to MyAdventure Group’s FamilyX™ retreat

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Join us for a life changing Kids/Parents weekend (age 9-16 years)

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Taking your relationship with your child to a new level.

Welcome to MyAdventure Group’s FamilyX™ retreat

Are you a Parent who wants to:

Maximize the time you have with your child and bank a “forever” memory
Try something new with your child that you can’t do at home
Get away from distractions to focus on what really matters
Recharge and be inspired how awesome your child really is
Get outdoors together


I'm James 'Cas' Castrission!

My claim to fame is as an adventurer who hit the headlines for completing two world-first expeditions; first paddling from Australia to New Zealand and then walking unsupported to the South Pole.

My passion these days is to share the magic of adventure with as many people as possible via my one-of-a-kind adventure programs.

As a parent of two awesome kids, I would like you to join me in the Blue Mountains to invest in your relationship with your kids.

This is an unforgettable getaway, unlike anything else you will ever experience.

As Seen In:

By Attending FamilyX™, You Will:

What You Get:

Glamping (2 Nights)

Sleep well and sleep warm! You’ll be cosy and comfortable in your tent.

Premium Outdoor Experience

We make your safety a priority while giving you a  weekend-long outdoor experience like no other.

Great Hospitality

We take care of all the fuss… allowing you to spend time connecting with your child.

The Best Guides in Australia

Step out of your comfort zone with Cas’ handpicked team.

World-Class Presentations

Hear from and hang out with renowned explorer James ‘Cas’ Castrission.

Fireside Drinks

Gather around the fire pit with your fellow adventurers.

Your Invitation To

Join us for a life-changing Kids/Parents weekend (age 9-16 years)

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The experience was faultless from preparation to execution, I highly recommend MyAdventure Group for an event to remember! Their passion to deliver is evident from the first point of contact and does not fade.
Felicity McAllister
I’ve just experienced the most professional, amazing and exhilarating 3 night adventure in the Blue Mountains. James tailored a unique approach for our group and challenged us to perfection. Thanks for a life changing experience that was out of this world on this planet.
James Evins
MyAdventure Group was probably more than I expected. It was magic. It was fantastic. I didn’t expect people to come together as quickly as they did. And for me, there were some moments around my own leadership, my own personal development that I got a lot out of. Not just on the adventure during the day, but overnight while talking to a few people. Probably the most important thing is I got to know a bunch of people that better than I’d known them in the corporate environment. That was a huge upside for me.
Gavin Gomes
I just experienced the most incredible family weekend adventure with Cas. Safety of my kids was impeccable and I returned to Sydney feeling more connected to my two young boys than I have in a very long time. Thank you MAG!
Ben Barin

What Makes FamilyXDifferent?

This exclusive Weekend is all about further connecting parents and their kids.

Spend two days with one of Australia’s
“50 greatest explorers of all time”
Connect with your child on a much deeper level
Take the time to invest in one of the most important relationships in your life.
Step out of your comfort zone like you never have before
Learn from others and inspire them with your own stories
Experience an unforgettable weekend and see parts of the Blue Mountains few people have access to
Enjoy our world-class hospitality and staff
Come away feeling renewed, full of energy, and ready for any challenge

FamilyX™ In Action

Check out what your weekend with
Cas will look like.

Base Camp

Take a look at your destination.

An Adventure Like No Other

This isn’t your ordinary weekend retreat.

Act Now To Receive More Than $1000 Worth Of Bonus Gifts

Exclusive FamilyX™ participants receive:

Bonus Gift #1

Signed Welcome Pack

Share your free downloads with friends, family and colleagues.

Bonus Gift #2

Free DVD

Enjoy watching Cas’ award winning doco – Crossing the Ditch

Bonus Gift #3

Kids’ Activity Pack

Share your free downloads with friends, family and colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although a moderate level of fitness is recommended to participate, attendees will be split into groups based on their medical history and prior experience, with activities tailored to the fitness levels of each group. You could be in store for things like abseiling, canyoning, bushwalking, and/or yoga!

If you have any concerns about your health and wellbeing during the activities, please consult a health care professional for advice before beginning the program and follow the advice given during the program.

Although we encourage everyone to take part in all activities, participation is completely voluntary and at your discretion. Our guides have been carefully selected and are some of the most highly qualified guides in Australia. Safety is our number one priority and we recognise the difference between apprehension and genuine fear.

All activities are 100% seasonal and weather dependent. Our guides’ number one priority is keeping you safe and, as such, will adapt itineraries and activities based on local conditions and time in the outdoors.

We put safety first. It is what drives every decision of all our experienced guides and a responsibility that Cas takes incredibly seriously. Although statistically, more injuries occur in horse and bike riding than in doing the activities we conduct, there is a high perceived risk in the activities we undertake (i.e. looks scary). Through staff training and extensive risk assessments, we can ensure you and your team are in the best possible hands.

Yes. In the pre-brief information that each participant completes, we can cater for all food allergies and intolerances both in Base Camp and in the field.

Anytime! What changes are the activities that we conduct at different times of the year. In the middle of summer, we have had numerous groups over January/ February (the hottest time of the year) and enjoyed swimming in lush, shaded canyons. On the other side of the spectrum, we have had corporate groups in the middle of winter who have enjoyed mulled wine and hot water bottles in their sleeping bags.

Having said this, if you have flexibility, our recommendation would be October/ November and March/ April.

Yes. However, we do try and encourage all participants to be fully present and only use devices if they must.

From Sydney CBD to Base Camp, the drive is approximately 1hr 45mins.

Your child needs to be between 9yrs and 16yrs of age.

Are You Ready To Connect With Your Child Like Never Before?

FamilyX™ will change everything. Activate your invitation today.