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The 4 key characteristics you need to have
to achieve your goals in 2024:


Actually being interested in what you are doing. Simple? Gallup researchers spent decades in over 150 countries, trying to identify employee engagement. They found that in Western countries, at least 50% of the active workforce are disengaged in what they are doing and at least 15% are actively disengaged, i.e. they hate their jobs. So two thirds of workers in Western culture are disengaged with their jobs. Consider how this might affect your business and how you can keep the vision fresh for you and your staff.


That is, not being absolutely focused on the endgame, the objective, but being focused on the development of skills and learning and growing along the way. In this way, you are ‘kicking goals’ all along the way, not just when you have ultimate successes. Or, in other words, Improving by 1% everyday!


Being connected to something bigger. When you are connected to others with the same purpose, it’s an extension of your soul, of who you are. Don’t forget that you need to connect yourself and your employees to the bigger purpose of why your business exists – serving your community.


Here we are talking about an optimistic outlook to life as opposed to pessimism. When you are presented with a challenge or obstacle, an optimist sees it as very specific and contained. They deal with it and they move on. A pessimist sees that obstacle as permanent and totally pervasive. Research shows that optimists stay in their jobs longer, and live longer, and optimistic insurance salespeople sell 26% more than those who are pessimistic.

Now that you have considered these drivers of resilience, identify which are your strengths and weaknesses and how you will turn shortfalls into sources of power. You might consider doing some training in areas related to these drivers. I hope this series on resilience has been helpful.

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His bestselling books Crossing the Ditch and Extreme South cover his world-first journeys; kayaking from Australia to New Zealand and travelling unsupported to the South Pole.

As a business keynote speaker, James shares the unbelievable stories of his adventures and inspires audiences to set their own goals of greatness.