Team Offsite

Action-Packed Experience


Experience a MyAdventure Group one-day team offsite, designed to push your team beyond their comfort zone and foster collaboration. Packed with team-building workshops and adventure activities like abseiling, canyoning, and bushwalking, our transformative program allows teams and individuals to develop camaraderie, an explorer’s mindset, decision-making skills, and vulnerability-based trust. Tailored to your organization’s needs, our team offsite ensures your people are engaged and inspired to explore their potential.

Learning Outcomes You Can Expect

A MyAdventure Group Team Offsite is purpose-designed to be a highly effective program for teams that want to step things up in every way.

Build effective teamwork

Develop leadership skills

Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Cultivate grit, resilience, and adaptability

Gain actionable strategies

Transform conflict into collaboration

Connect with peers and learn from each other

Establish vulnerability-based trust



At MyAdventure Group, the belief is that genuine adventures make enduring bonds and create unforgettable memories. Team offsite programs are meticulously designed to challenge, inspire, and unite participants, whether the goal is to build cohesive teams or strengthen existing relationships.

Every adventure is carefully crafted to promote teamwork, enhance communication, and cultivate vulnerability-based trust. The result is a stronger sense of connection and a compelling story to share.


MyAdventure Group specializes in developing leadership capabilities through immersive and challenging experiences. Our programs are designed to cultivate essential leadership skills such as strategic thinking, decision-making, and effective communication. Each adventure pushes participants beyond their comfort zones, fostering resilience and confidence. Tailored to meet organizational goals, our initiatives ensure that emerging leaders are equipped to drive success and inspire their teams.

Base Camp in the Blue Mountains

MyAdventure Group offers a 5-Star Glamping Experience privately catered by world-class hospitality experts.

Corporate Team Building

Customized team-building activities ignite collaboration, leadership, and motivation, leaving participants inspired, energized, and ready to crush their goals with renewed passion.

World-Class Presentations

Gain firsthand insights and hang out with the renowned explorer and two-time Guinness World Record holder, James ‘Cas’ Castrission, as he shares his extraordinary adventures.

Exclusive Accommodation

Our base camp is located in a secluded mountain valley escape, perfect for those seeking a truly unique experience.

Dinner Under the Stars

Meals are prepared by a world-class chef using locally sourced ingredients. Participants dine while enjoying the night sky.

Bonfire Social with Drinks

This fireside experience offers the perfect blend of warmth and ambiance in an evening of relaxation and camaraderie, accompanied by beverages, which can range from casual soft drinks to more festive alcoholic options.



The experience was faultless from preparation to execution, I highly recommend MyAdventure Group for an event to remember! Their passion to deliver is evident from the first point of contact and does not fade.
Felicity McAllister
I’ve just experienced the most professional, amazing and exhilarating 3 night adventure in the Blue Mountains. James tailored a unique approach for our group and challenged us to perfection. Thanks for a life changing experience that was out of this world on this planet.
James Evins
MyAdventure Group was probably more than I expected. It was magic. It was fantastic. I didn’t expect people to come together as quickly as they did. And for me, there were some moments around my own leadership, my own personal development that I got a lot out of. Not just on the adventure during the day, but overnight while talking to a few people. Probably the most important thing is I got to know a bunch of people that better than I’d known them in the corporate environment. That was a huge upside for me.
Gavin Gomes
Throughout my career I have been through plenty of PD, but to give them the opportunity to spend 3 days, flesh to flesh with the guy who put himself in a coffin, and paddled across the tasman! There’s nothing more motivating to not only see and hear the story but then being able to spend time with Cas. So whether you’re the CEO or new employee we all have it inside us to achieve extraordinary things.
Herbert Applestroth