BLOG 1 – Welcome!

This blog has been a long time coming. For years adventure has been my life. I’ve been lucky enough to do some massive expeditions all over the world and I guess I’ve now fallen into calling myself a professional adventurer (whatever that means! More on that later).

On a personal level, I spend my life in the outdoors. I live in the Blue Mountains and spend my time rock climbing, trail running and canyoning. The transformational benefit that time in the outdoors has given me is why I am now so passionate about encouraging others to get out and have adventures of their own.  I now have a young family and we spend a heap of time in the bush together. We’re lucky enough to live on a bit of acreage where over the next decade we hope to become as self sufficient as possible.

I’ve established this blog to not only chronicle these journeys but to provide you with some idea’s, tools… and hopefully some inspiration to get outside. I’ll be blogging about an array of different topic on subjects that I find fascinating. Some include:

  •  Ideas & top tips to get you and your family outside more!
  •  I’ve been doing a bunch of reading and research into a term dubbed “nature deficit disorder”. It’s best summed up as a condition linking not spending time in nature & outdoors with a whole host of physical (obesity for one!), behavioral and psychological issues (ADHD, depression, anxiety to name a few). More and more evidence is showing time in the outdoors can be used as a proactive deterrent & a treatment for the above issues. I will be blogging constantly about this topic and sharing with you the latest research results and more importantly what we can learn from this.
  •  Leading theory on teamwork, leadership and group dynamics
  •  Gear, technique & camping tips
  •  Some insights from personal adventures

I hope you find this blog insightful and I strongly welcome any feedback, or personal views you may have on the topics we explore. Especiallyif your views are contrary to mine.

Thank you and enjoy reading!