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Tired of hearing another sportsman or keynote presenter missing the mark?

You’ve sat through them before.

The speaker that does not get your business, culture or direction. No relevance. No charisma. Ultimately, ZERO engagement.

But imagine, instead of a yawn-fest, the next keynote you booked gets a standing ovation. Picture your colleagues rising to their feet as one in applause.

A Standing Ovation – And You’re the One Responsible

There’s a reason my keynotes are in demand globally: the majority of them have ended in a standing ovation over the past 10 years – 64% in fact. Why?

Because I combine a compelling delivery with jaw-dropping video clips and stunning photography to provide a sensory experience that will engage every audience member.

You’ll feel what it was like as my best mate Jonesy and I faced 10 metre swells in nothing but a kayak, or the deep fear we battled starving on the frozen tundras of Antarctica – the world’s harshest climate.

With Inspiration Comes the Ability to Affect Long-Term Behavioral Change

My keynotes are not entertaining for the sake of it. Through my experience as a senior manager at Deloitte, and from speaking at over 500 conferences, I know that if you want your key takeaways to stick, you need to combine them with emotion and inspiration. When you make people feel, they remember.

For this reason, keynotes are designed to take your audience to the edge of their seat first so I can then deliver lessons that will have long-lasting boosts for team morale, cohesion and ultimately, the performance of your company.

What’s more, you can choose from a range of presentations – so you can book a keynote that’s purpose-built to address the specific challenges facing your organisation right now.

Inspire a New Level of Performance with Strategically Entertaining Keynotes:

1 Keynote

The 6 Step Journey from Inspiration to Execution

In this lively keynote you’ll learn the critical steps that ensured I not only survived, but achieved two Guinness World Record adventures.

I’ve developed this six step model so that your organisation can apply my learnings to achieving any BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Whether it’s a roadmap to achieving your 2020 vision or launching a new product. It’s a model that will help your team build clarity and alignment to organisational achieving the impossible.

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2 Keynote

Collaborating to Win

Effective collaboration is the most important element of success, whether you’re striving to grow a company or you’re voyaging across an ocean or tundra. Without real collaboration both endeavours are bound to fail.

In this engaging keynote you’ll learn critical steps in creating a tribe that is aligned and working together, that supports each other, and that doesn’t put personal ambition and success over that of the organisation.

This is the perfect session on how to develop a “culture” that is geared towards collaboration, and ultimately: success.

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3 Keynote

Feel the Excitement and Danger of Two of the Greatest Adventures in History

My other two keynotes – Crossing the Ditch & Crossing the Ice – are highly motivating, story-based presentations perfect for motivating and inspiring an audience to open or close a conference or as an after dinner presentation.

You’ll be thrilled as I take you on an audio-visual journey through two of the greatest feats of adventuring in history.

Imagine facing white-capped ocean swells as tall as a four story building and struggling across blinding-white ice sheets as far as the eye can see. These international keynote presentations will stick with your audience for years to come.

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My International Keynotes are Fully Customised to Meet the Specific Needs of Your Company

The needs of each company are unique. That’s why, after talking with you, I will adapt the presentation you choose to make sure it meets the specific challenges your company faces and the desired objectives of the session.

If you’re ready to find out more information – and learn how one of my keynotes can inspire your delegates – then get in touch.