Men’s Health Feature

Super cool for my journey to becoming an IRONMAN to be featured in Men’s Health.


Some of my favourite quotes:

“Ironman might attract the world’s fittest, but it’s surprising to see Cas here. With the kind of resume that would make Bear Grylls blush, why submit yourself to a day-long torture-fest when you’ve surely hit your quota of physical suffering? What more can you learn about yourself out there? Why return? “


“Cas explains, “It’s a sport that rewards commitment and dedication. It doesn’t reward talent, it rewards effort.” He doesn’t hesitate when asked what drew him to the event, “There’s no shortcuts to the hours and hours and hours of training you have to do. There’s no shortcuts. You can’t just wing it, you’ve got to do the work. I think that’s a really good lesson for my kids to see, that dad’s done a whole lot of work to get his body and mind ready for this thing.”


“Giving up is not an option,” he explains. That’s something I want imprinted in my kids’ heads. Never give up. If you can’t run, you can walk. If you can’t walk, then you can crawl. But you can always get there if you stick with it.”

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