New look. Love the new Branding!

When I first started MyAdventure Group back in 2014, it was a dream. An ideal. There weren’t any major players in the market and the driving cause was an extension of my personal beliefs and values: Explore your Potential

Initially I envisaged two sides to the business:

  1. Small corporate experiences
  2. Weekend adventure retreats

Our branding and marketing initially attempted to cater for these two distinct (and very separate) markets. We went generic and when you do that you aren’t speaking to either customer very well. Kinda like a mullet haircut “business up front and party at the back”. Yeah nah. It doesn’t work.

As we have evolved, it has become clear that our niche, and where we have created our own category, is building teams by being the best corporate adventure operator in Australia.

Our previous branding, and messaging, was too generic and did not talk directly to this corporate market. A market which conjures images around: premium, professionalism, sharpness and clarity. A rebrand was needed.

Over the past 12 months we have gone through an extensive process to reboot our image. We now have a new platform which we are confident will propel our little business into its next phase.

We love the results and hope you do too!