Open for business!

We’re now open for business! Crack the champagne n’ raise a glass. Hear hear! In many ways this has been the most challenging (and rewarding) “expedition” I’ve ever undertaken.

This dream has been a long time coming. The idea of offering a unique adventure program has been incredibly daunting. Like so many of the expeditions I’ve put together in the past, the challenges appeared too insurmountable Too big??. Who do you think you are to pull this off? snarls the nasty little voice sitting on my shoulder. “Told ya so” when things don’t go as planned, deals fall over, red tape and hurdles get the better of me. But I’m so glad I stuck with it.

Last week, after an intense 18mths of research, planning, dreaming (and a truckload of bloody hard work), MyAdventureGroup delivered its first, one of a kind inaugural program! The engagement, delight & wonder our clients experienced on their 2 day/ 2 night program blew both them and my team out of the water. Up until now the experience had been a concept, simply an idea. Although I’d pictured it clearly in my own head… there’d always been a degree of doubt- would the mix of adventure, camping and luxury really work? Why isn’t any one else doing it?

They say 90% of small business fail in there first 5 years of operation. Although I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t predict where MyAdventureGroup will be in 5 yrs, one thing I can say, is that I’ve never felt a stronger sense of purpose, motivation & passion than for what we’re creating here.

Quite simply adventure & nature have made me (and all the MyAdventureGroup team) who we are. We spend our lives in nature and we’re so excited to share the wonders of adventure with you.

Send us and email and book today! Lets get out there!

Please find a bunch of photo’s from our first program below. Enjoy!