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Ch.7’s Sunday Night program aired last Sunday night 8.30pm. Did you happen to see the story? If not, feel free to click on the images below to watch the stories:

Ch.7 Sunday Night:

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Ch.7 Sunrise:


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With more viewers turned into Ch.7’s Sunday Night story than I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here! Finale Night!, there’s been a huge platform for valuable discussion amongst our community about “nature deficit” in our children. Social media commentary has been in overdrive and news channels all over the world have run with the story… fortunately 90% of the feedback has been in support!
All in all, the underlying messages of the stories were positive. However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the “extreme parenting” angle taken. I was really hoping the story focussed on the growing body of research:

1. Linking our children’s mental, physical & spiritual health directly to our association with nature.

2. The importance of kids getting into the outdoors and providing a controlled environment for them to push comfort zones and learn the thought processes around risk analysis & assessment.

What did you think?

Happy Adventuring!

Cas & the Myadventure Group Team