Our newest Corporate adventure program!

Over the summer, the MyAdventure Group team has had a blast designing and delivering a new world class Corporate adventure experience… drum roll…

The MyAdventure Race!

This program has been designed to develop high performance teams by improving trust, effective communication and leadership amongst colleagues.

The MyAdventure Race creates a time pressured, “high perceived risk” (a.k.a mind-blowingly FUN!) environment, where teams are forced to work together and navigate through breathtaking natural beauty to overcome a number of adventure-based & Antarctic Challenges!

In order to find the finish, teams follow cryptic location clues, which deliver them to the Challenges. These challenges include climbing, abseiling, Tyrolean traverse and more! Teams only receive the next location clue once their whole team has negotiated each challenge. While pushing both teams and individuals beyond their comfort zones, concise decision-making & team collaboration are crucial for success.

The length of the race (and your teams appetite for adventure) can be tailored to your organizations desired outcomes. We can also tailor the team learning’s depending on what are your main objectives.

We look forward to having a chat about your next team offsite in the Blue Mountains!

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