The defining moment of the Tokyo Olympics 2021

For those in lockdown, the small olive branch we were gifted, was the opportunity to watch the Tokyo Olympics!

For two weeks, we sat glued to our TVs, inspired and in awe of the athletes dedication, professionalism and pursuit of excellence.

Our family cheered as the ceremonial finale of the games got underway- the marathon. Conditions were brutal with 25% of the field DNF’ing (failed to finish) as our household hero, Elliud Kipchoge charged home to cement himself as one of the greatest athletes of all time. What a brilliant crescendo to the end of the Games! Horah!

And then. The moment happened. After Kipchoge has crossed the line. Say what?!

The race for 2nd was on. 4 runners giving it their all. Cherono, Nageeye and Abdi head to head.

1km to go it looked like Cherono had the silver medal. Then Nageeye surged.

At this point in the battle, physically, all athletes were toast. It had become a battle of the mind.  Nageeye kept pushing and put some distance on the other two athletes. 2nd was all his.

But then.

He saw his long time mate and training partner, Abdi (from another country mind you) hurting in 4th place. He needed some encouragement. He needed a boost.

Over the final 500m stretch, Nageeye pulled back the reins, jeopardised his silver medal, waved, yelled and coaxed his buddy to go where he had never gone.

And he did.

The buddies crossed in second and third place, arm in arm.

This was the defining moment of Tokyo 2021.

There is so many lessons we can all learn from these inspiring athletes in these challenging times.

The one I want us to focus on, is that High Performance teams can achieve so much more together than they can on their own.

It’s natural when we are struggling (like us New South Welshman enduring our 9th week of lockdown) to turn inwards and focus on our own wellbeing and survival. Corporate teams do the same. However it is in these times (more than ever) that we need to reach that hand out and help each other.  Just like our mate Nageeye did ?

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