What’s with the haircut, Cas?

The last time I walked into a barber (a term that seems to have gone out of fashion in today’s post-modern hipster society – AKA a hair stylist or hairdresser), I was still at school.

After school, the dog shearers came out and took care of my mop through my uni years and into my early professional years as an accountant and management consultant.

For those who have read, Crossing the Ditch, you’ll know that one of the factors that drove me out of corporate life and into the world of professional adventure was the desire to be different. Conformity terrified me. I wanted to explore my potential and capability as a human being.

I believe your appearance is an extension of your beliefs and who you are…. And I guess that’s what growing my hair represented. My hair was wild and crazy. I was an adventurer!

Fast forward 10 years and my beliefs and values have evolved. Apart from being a family man, I now run a business where clients trust MyAdventure Group with their lives. I deliver keynotes and run workshops with senior leaders across the globe who deconstructing my adventure experiences and then apply them into business lessons.

Professionalism, trust and sharpness are beliefs and values that these leaders demand. As my career has progressed… I started to feel there was a gap between who I wanted to be and what my appearance was communicating to the world.

It was time for a change.

“We are whatever we pretend to be” – Derek Silvers

Does your appearance reflect your values and beliefs?