How to thrive when the finish line is in sight

We’re at a really interesting time right now.

Coming into the end of 2021, we’re all feeling pretty fatigued, tired and exhausted. For those of you living on the east coast of Australia, we cannot wait to that October 11 deadline so that we can all start getting on with our lives.

Adventure has taught me some fundamental lessons at this critical phase in the expedition that we’re all going through at the moment. It’s at this time on big expeditions that people start to die, and on mountains, two thirds of mountaineers actually die on the way back down after they’ve reached the summit with Basecamp within their sights.

Now is the time we need to focus. It’s the same when you’re coming down from the mountain, you’re buggered, dehydrated, sometimes you’re even falling over. When you’re that tired, that is when you need to give it every bit of your focus to keep the team together and to keep yourself alive.

For the leaders out there, this is the time that you need to be reaching out to your team members and investing in them. Show them your appreciation, that they’re being cared for and looked after. That may be something like a virtual Keynote (or a virtual session) which I would absolutely love to work with you on.

The last 24 months has taught us all about change. We are dealing with a world where there is going to be rapid change for the rest of our careers. I know it’s exhausting but welcome to 2021.

Who knows what 2022 is going to have in store for us, but we need to get out of that mindset and that mentality that come October 11, life’s gonna return to normal We need to keep on adapting, we need to keep moving forward. And as I’ve been saying and sharing with you over the last 18 months, the best way to do that is by sharing victories, and by sharing our time together.

I would love to work with you coming into this final homestretch before the end of 2021, but even if you’ve got nothing to do with me, please make sure you’re looking out for one another, and we can get through this and get down this mountain safely together.

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