Rebuilding corporate teams post lockdown

After the events of the past 12mths, it is time for leaders to prioritise bringing their staff together in person (not virtually!).

Why? Well the good news is that thought leaders globally are unified in their agreement, that although most of the research is telling us that #WFO productivity has remained consistent with prior to COVID-19 lockdowns.

Great. But What Else? Well, what we have coming is in an avalanche of culture issues and toxic org health if leaders do not act now to rebuild the connections of an organisations biggest asset (ie their people).

Decision makers need to be focussed with their execution of how they are going to rebuild their cultures post-COVID.

Enter MyAdventure Group. This is what a MyAdventure Group experience is all about.

If you’re the type of leader, PCO or event planner who thinks you can build an aligned team by doing “trust falls” in the conference room and build staff morale by serving up expensive wine at dinner, a MyAdventure Group adventure program is not for you.

You should also know; our programs are not cheap. They’re not for the conformist. And they’re certainly not designed for the faint of heart. However, if you’re looking for a mind-blowing team development accelerator – then a MyAdventure Group adventure program might be a good fit.

To help you decide, reach out to us to discuss how our unforgettable experiences can get your team back on track in 2021.