Summer 2016 Programs.. what a hoot!

By March 4, 2016Our Blog
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MyAdventure Race 1

With an unusually generous dousing of rain this summer… the canyons of the Blue Mountains, flora and fauna have thrived!

program 2

We’ve been fortunate to host a great bunch of different corporate teams over the summer. Each program has been tailored to the budget, length of time and objectives of each respective organization- some have wanted rewards/ incentive programs ….others… more direct takeaways around high performance team development and leadership. We’re proud to say that each client has been pushed out of their comfort zone into a “peak state” where learning benefits were maximized. In order to tailor these programs we have put a tonne of effort into designing and engineering some new world class outdoor team development programs. More info on one such program we ran the other week is here: MyAdventure Race.

We’ve been blown away by how much each individual and teams have been taking away from our programs. The enormous glow of satisfaction all the MyAdventure Group staff receive around the campfire on the second night of our programs is incredible…. Clients have let their guards down amongst one another and are sharing & connecting with one another unlike any “teambuilding” most have ever experienced.

camp fire

Its been a mindblowing summer with plenty of great programs planned for the remainder of 2016!

Looking at running a staff development offsite where you want to build trust, connection and develop culture in your organization? Contact us today!

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